The dragons who fly around the dark sky


In some time when they were living in the Cochambril Village, Krinky's elder son, Motts, got kidnaped by the people of Pompus and they shot him to the sea. Days later he appear in a mysterious island. Without comunication, he found a cave which he came in, he rapidly encounter a black dragon, he never felt fear so he ask the dragon if he could take him back to his village. The black dragon then took him to the Dragon King Hindu, he then told him that in order for them to help him he most open the blood seal that had kept them captives from two thousand years. The leyend says that only the chosen one can open the seal, if he wasn't the choosen one he will became a dragon and another captive. Motts could open the seal showing the dragons that he was the choosen one and free them from slavery. He asked their help to take him back to the village and help his father along with his people to defeat the Pompeus Villagers. When he got back, he rejoined his father and he told him what happened, His father Krinky then asked the dragons to join them in battle and so they did. Later the dragons joined the Devilsons in the Cold War and helped the Devilsons rebuilding the Blood Palace.

Devilson PactEdit

Motts was the first Devilson on having a dragon. After they won the Cold War, the dragons became loyal to the Devilsons but making Motts their leader. When they started rebuilding the Blood Palace, the dragons helped the Devilsons getting into unreachable areas to end the rebuilding process.


In the actuallity the dragons serve the Devilsons as their personal riders to fulfill their duties among Silantropus. Dragons are also the official messengers of Silantropus city.

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