Long black hair, dark dress, sometimes wearing magic stones necklace, always with her crow and paled skinned


Born in Devartha. Since she was little she felt a deep atraction for Dark Arts of magic, specially for demonology. She later assisted to the Magic Academy of Devartha in which she secretly practiced the forbidden part of demonology, demon sorcery. Most of her acts affected the students of the academy with weird illness and some of them even died. When she was discovered of doing this, she was expelled from the academy with total prohibition of returning ever again, but before she was expelled she stole some books and artifacts to continue with her studies at her own. When she was old enough she established in Silantropus where she founded her own magic library.


Lillith have been known for always being a quiet, misterious and wise person. She has a calm and pacient nature which had helped her achieved most of the thing she have now. She ges grumpy on slow mornings but passionate about the dark arts. She hates apples because they remind her of something she wants to forget, which is currently unknown what it is. But most of all, she dedicate mostly every day reading books of necromancy and alchemy.


Lillith powers are mostly shadow based which she used as an offensive move, the rest (which she use as deffnse) are necromancy, basic alchemy and alkahestry, shift shape, geomancy and future sight.

Shadow KinesisEdit

Capable of controling shadows with her mind, a big amount of shadow can be seen in her back often.


Capable of bringing a corpse back to live. She mostly uses this to replace damage organs after a match.


Lillith knows the basics of alchemy. She aspired to learn advance alchemy but she couldnt because at the time she learned the Morlocks were taking control over Silantropus. She often perfoms transmutations that causes mini explosions which can be used as smoke bombs in the battlefield. She also uses her basics knowledge on the field to create potions for future uses.


Like alchemy, Lillith only knows the basics of alkahestry which is alchemy used with medical purposes. She mostly uses this in extreme ocasions since everytime she uses it she damage 20% of her soul causing her to faint. She only was seen using this once and it was when the Devilsons won the civil war on Silantropus, there were too many injured and she had to sacrifice herself to cure everyone causing her to stay in a coma for nearly two years.

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