Nathair is the snake goddess from hell, direct desendant of the first snake that lead the first woman on Earth to commit sin. No one really know if she does has parents (is a total mistery), but what is know is that after Hell War IV started she moved from Astaria (her homeland) and moved to Silantropus. Under the morlocks domain, she and other deidities were track down to gain their god-like powers. When the morlocks started to track Nathair, krinky appeared from nowhere and by invocating an unknown demon he beat the morlocks that were tracking her. Grateful, Nathair granted Krinky one wish, Krinky then ask for half of her god-like powers, oneday he wanted to defeat the morlocks and he would need all the power that he could reach, moved by his braveness, Nathair then followed Krinky taking the form of a snake, she eventually transform to her original shape, but from that day on, she was one of Krinky loyal assistants.

Cold WarEdit

When Cold War started, Nathair assisted the Devilson with her healing abilities. She was in charge of her snake army, silent but crude. Thanks to it, the Devilson entrance to the Moon Palace (now Blood Palace) eneded the two years of war.


Nathair took the form of a snake and she's always on Krinky's shoulder. Is rarely to see her in her normal form lately. Her Snake army turned into statues that are in the Blood Palace's outside doors. They shall retransform into normal snakes whenever the situation needs it. She sometimes act as the Palace's healer, just a single bite and you're healed.

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