Semmek Kyrushi Semmek is on of the Shinigamis ( Death god/goddess ) that serve the devilsons in Blood Palace also she mostly with Neko and Krinky


Semmek Look like a Vampire reaper with Silver hair, Red eyes and like to wear a white shirt under her Black dress


Semmek is the only shinigami that is lower than 500 yrs old, also she is the first to be with the Devilsons. Neko Devilson saved Semmek from the attack of a pile of vicious Manticores. After he saved her Semmek asked Neko if she could be his Shinigami, as Neko accepted.Neko decides to take her to the Blood Palace to present her to the family. Neko asked Semmek if she would look to his elder brother Krinky as the same she looks at him, after she made her promise to serve the Devilsons she decided to speak in private with Neko for some odd reason. After she made a pact with the young Devilson she seem to have a very close connection that not even his elder brother nor anyone in the palace knew why she always close to her young master. Semmek mostly usually sneak around the dark palace at night to be with both of her master for a weird manner she had.


Mostly shy , cute and childish. She likes to tease both of her masters Krinky and Neko by hiding their weapons and blaming others (mostly motts). She seems to have a weird manner of always playing with her hair when she gets mad (rarely).

Power and AbillitiesEdit

Soul CrushEdit

Semmek can posses her rival soul and do what ever she pleased mostly crush it into pieces

Instant DeathEdit

Semmek can destroy her rival heart or some vital spot causing death instantly

Fake EyeEdit

Semmek can presense enemies from distance using her right eye, by watching them she puts a mark on them which consumed the enemy slowly in pain.

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