Blood Palace - Home of the Devilsons and has mysteries within


It was once called "Moon Palace" by the morlocks when they ruled Silantropus. It was builded by Abadon when Silantropus was founded, back then it was called Demon Monastery, after Hell War IV, the morlocks invaded Silantropus and took posesion of the Demon Monastery along with the city and rename it Moon Palace. The morlocks took control over Silantropus citizens and prohibited all forms of magic, which explains why some of the greatest sorcerers practiced thir arts on secret. Morlocks ruled for 12 years until the Devilsons leaded by Krinky and Neko came to Silantropus and declared war to the morlocks, this event is call the Cold War which ended on the defeat of the morlocks. The name of the Moon Palace was renamed, is now called Blood Palace, Krinky put that name to it because of all the blood that was loss under the morlocks domain.


After the morlocks defeat, the Blood Palace was rebuilt by the Devilsons to reborn the old meaning of it. Most of all Blood Palace's lost pieces were spread all over Silantropus because of the war. The Devilsons then started the journey to search for the missing pieces of the palace. Under the actual Devilson domain, Krinky, along with his elder son Motts, are rebuilding the palace with new pieces that they found on Sulfura.

Cold WarEdit

The Cold War was an event that took place in Silantropus for two years straight. During the war, the palace experienced some rude changes due to the morlocks attacks to the Devilsons. The palace was almost destroyed by the morlocks agresion, but its destruction was avoided when Krinky and Neko combinated attacks using their newly discovered ability called Deathsnake Staff Summoning. The morlocks that weren't killed by the Devilson's, ran away to the Draven Caverns, their original home.


Blood Palace recent status is rebuilding the ruins.

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